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Mark Stas has been successfully invited in different continents such as Europe, Latin-America and Asia for introductions, workshops, performances, movies and video projects.
If you are interested in inviting Mark Stas for a workshop, a performance or for another project please contact us at: markstaswfs@gmail.com
Mark Stas is actually teaching in Italy at the academy U.M.A.A in Atessa, Abruzzo and available in Belgium

September 14th, 2019
18:00- 19:30 - free lesson
Atessa, Abruzzo- Italy
October 5th, 2019
Introduction seminar
Pescara, Abruzzo- Italy
October 6th, 2019
Introduction seminar
Ortona, Abruzzo- Italy
October 26-27th, 2019
Introduction seminar
Milan- Italy

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