Mark Stas (link IMDb here) was discovered by a famous Dutch action actor, Ron Smoorenburg, who saw a huge potential in him. He invited him to meet him and discover his martial arts skills. Mark Stas spent three months in Thailand for personal training and met this great Dutch actor. Ron Smoorenburg holds the world record of the highest kick and became famous thanks to the jacket lifting fighter he played against Jackie Chan in « Who am I ».
Ron played in many action movies with the most famous martial arts actors like, Tony Jaa, Donnie Yen, Steven Seagal, Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White.
He introduced Mark to some stuntmen, great actors and producers (like Daniel ZirilliByron Gibson or Dean Alexandrou) and he could play in their action movies.
He played the role of a police inspector, Somchai, doing some explosive fight scenes in the upcoming and highly awaited English-Thai action movie: « English Dogs » which will be released in the cinema’s in US around October 2020 and later on different other VOD.
Mark Stas was the co-writer together with Lorenzo Vanin and played the main character in the short movie, « At the Edge (Award winning motivational short movie)« , filmed in Belgium and Thailand, and received the award for « the Best Actor National Short Film » at the Move Me Productions Belgium festival, 10th Edition.

During his visit in Brazil in 2018, he was asked to make a fight scene together with the Brazilian action actor, Gutemberg Lins, produced and directed by the great director of Forasteiro Produções.
Visit Forasteiro Produções for more info: their first project, Dona Morte was selected at Cannes Festival in 2010!
Mark Stas has also been contacted in São Paulo by the director of We HUD, specialized in special effects for movies: he could do a short promo for Fox+, together with the famous Brazilian lead actor of « Cidade de Deus-Meu nome agora é Zé Pequeno », Leandro Firmino da Hora.
During his stay in Thailand, he was asked to play an Asian killer, Sal-Inja, in an upcoming action movie, Haphazard from fantastic director, Dean Alexandrou: this movie is actually available on DirecTV and Spectrum in the US and later on this month it will be available on Amazon Prime and other places.
He finished early October 2018 the filming of a French production, Anathème, directed by J.Dellas.

Mark wrote and produced in 2020 a personal two-part short movie, « Emerging from the Shadows », which features the famous actor, Ron Smoorenburg, who plays the Hunter.

To be announced: Mark will be playing the role of ‘Agent A’ in the upcoming award winning movie, « Kung Fu Bodyguard », written by the young but talented Ramona Lee.
And with proud he announced that he has been chosen to play an important role in the new upcoming movie, the Last Fighter, which will be directed by Ron Smoorenburg in the near future. More details will be available soon.
Stay tuned for more info!