Alex Reis

a Cirque du Soleil artist/musician

“My name is Alex Reis, I am 49 years old, a professional artist and contracted for Cirque du Soleil since 2010.
I have also been a martial artist practicing Chinese arts continuously since I was 12 years old, and a teacher of Wing Chun and Taichi Chuan. About 3 years ago when I was touring Europe, a video of Mark Stas and his Wing Flow System appeared on my suggested list to watch. At first, as I didn’t know him and as there is currently an avalanche of “new masters” on the internet,
I confess that I thought It was just another one.
But something told me to click on the link. There I went, and when the video started I was amazed at what I was seeing.
The way Mark Stas approached the technical applications, the dexterity, the way the movements are linked together, the way the body moves in a logical and naturally fluid way, and the efficiency of what he was presenting really impressed me a lot. From there I was researching more about Wing Flow and following everything he posted.
That’s when I contacted him last year to take personal classes. In the midst of so many changes in the world and also because of his busy schedule, it took some time for him to answer me.
I was very happy when I got his answer and we immediately booked classes online. Here I want to give my testimony that I am enjoying the classes a lot and that I have learned a lot in the meetings, because Professor Stas is very attentive and committed to what he does. A real enthusiast. I use all the martial and philosophical knowledge of the fighting arts in my professional activity as an artist, and I am sure that Professor Stas and his Wing Flow System will help me to improve even more. I recommend to everyone who is as curious as I was, to study with him, it’s really worth it”

“Alex Reis is a Cirque du Soleil artist/musician and passionate martial artist”