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"I learned and I could see Mark's efficiency and skill. I could learn great things, even though I am already an instructor and founder of a defense system. What attracted us to him is his fluidity, his explosiveness and the energy he develops through his teachings. He also knows how to add a touch of humour when it is necessary! What is unique in his martial arts abilities and skills is his ability to perform and react; his punching power. He reminds me of Bruce Lee.
His way of bringing things is very realistic and very effective and even more complete and modern than certain disciplines of defense or current martial arts, which already proved their worth"

Mr G.B. and Y.D. (Founders of Sharkpanther system. Technical agent at the youth and sports directorate for the Paris city hall)

"Ce qui m'a attiré chez Mark Stas est sa vitesse et son explosivité gestuelle, sa richesse technique qui le rend unique en son genre.
Pour avoir rencontré et tourné avec de grands experts de self défense, Mark fait parti des phénomènes pour moi"

Mr. F.E. (2 x champion du monde de kickboxing, champion du monde muay thai, champion du monde absolut fight, fondateur de l'urban fight, 25 ans de pratique en sport de combat)

La maîtrise technique et physique de Mark STAS est l’une des plus impressionnante que j’ai pu observer. Les techniques enseignées répondent parfaitement aux réalités de mon métier, en prenant en compte les contraintes de mon équipement et mon cadre légal de travail.

Mr. K.N. (Instructeur LOCKUP depuis 2016, Garde du Corps depuis 2008)

"Mark Stas has a unique kinetic chain, which added to the flow of his movements is creating a very effective fighting method. Mark has an outstanding set of skills. His focus is on explosive power, which comes from special training of muscles and perfect body mechanics"

Mr M.M. (Sayoc Kali Instructor, Sayoc Training Group Hungary leader, Creator of Self Protection Combatives, FMA combative instructor of the year, 33 years in martial arts training)

"A great professional artist, a very hearty man with a huge passion for martial art. Incredible capacity and innovative method of training. He has speed, power, sensivity in a disarmingly way of execution. If you want increase your martial art effectiveness he is number one for this development"

Sifu F.B. (Master in Wing Chun, 3th Dan karate, 34 years martial arts practise)
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Sifu Mark Stas

Driven by an unwavering passion for martial arts since the early eighties, Sifu Mark Stas harnessed his dedication to create a martial arts concept that has garnered worldwide acclaim and admiration. A “Legend of Martial Arts” Hall of Famer, he has earned the esteemed moniker of the “Belgian Bruce Lee” as celebrated by the Belgian news.
A multiple movie award winner with “Borrowed Time:Falling Apart”, “Emerging from the Shadows”, “At the Edge”

The system

The Wing Flow System embodies the synergy of Yin and Yang, combining rapid attacks, precise reactions, and explosive movements. The intricate biomechanics result in a fusion of elegant and effective combat techniques, which can also be used in self-defense or competitive sport.

Wing Flow System unlocks your potential and fuels your passion for martial arts: Passion drives perfection

International Schools

The World Wing Flow System Association provides the opportunity to learn this martial art in various countries, under the guidance of certified instructors who uphold the highest standards.
Quality is never a coincidence; it is always the outcome of deliberate and intelligent effort.
If you are interested in joining our association, we encourage you to reach out to us without hesitation!