Wing Flow System evolves from a simplified ‘street defence system’ (which has been developed with great care to be in line with the criminal law) to a brutally efficient no ruled ‘art of combat’ using the human weapons in combination with strategy and tactics.
Sifu Mark Stas has been discovered by some instructors of the French special forces, who were astonished, not only by his mastery but also of the unique efficiency of his self defense system, which at the same time breaths simplicity in action.

In Europe there are independent Wing Flow instructors who received the permission to teach his martial art. They are all part of the “World Wing Flow System Association”.

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‘Wing Flow’ could be explained by a start of new horizons (Wing), where the practitioner will learn to flow in a precise action. Through training the body and mind will get in a flow state of mind.
Wing Flow System belongs to the category of martial art where the longevity of practice is stressed: quality over quantity.

With strong self defense skills learned in the core levels, the practitioner evolves into the “art” of combat: one need first to understand that no human masterpiece has ever been created without great labor. There is always room for improvement: art is never ending.

Wing Flow System encompasses a comprehensive range of combat techniques, including punching, kicking, elbowing, and throwing, along with strategic tactics and the refinement of defensive skills. It has gained significant admiration from martial arts instructors, champions, and practitioners worldwide due to its innovative training methods that seamlessly integrate economy of motion and enhanced visual and sensitivity reflexes. While excelling in close quarter combat, Wing Flow System distinguishes itself through its unique vision of martial arts and the pioneering approaches employed in its training regimen.

A solid understanding of body positioning and the principles of physical laws is crucial for enhancing one’s martial mastery.

The use of weapon aids, such as the long pole and double knives, can enhance strength development and promote joint release proficiency.

Martial arts training

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“"Mark Stas can teach from the purest and most traditional Wing Chun to the maximum freedom in martial physical expression. I was attracted to his way of moving, fluidly and great speed and precision. He has a chained control of his legs and arms. He is able to leave the traditional structure without degenerating the art of the Wing Chun, because all he does is Wing Chun at highest level!"

Sifu R.T. Master in Wing Chun ( 37 years of martial arts practise)”

Stages of Mastery

The Art of Wing Flow

We distinguish three levels before reaching the final level, which is the Flow Level:


Basic-Intermediate-Advanced Core

Expert Level

Master Level

Flow Level

Four colours representing Wing Flow System


Mystery and Unknown, Calmness


Inspiration, Trust and Loyalty, Confidence and Faith


Simplicity, Insight, Knowledge and Freedom


Passion and Vitality, Energy and Happiness