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"Ce qui m'a attiré chez Mark Stas est sa vitesse et son explosivité gestuelle, sa richesse technique qui le rend unique en son genre. Pour avoir rencontré et tourné avec de grands experts de self défense, Mark fait parti des phénomènes pour moi"

Mr. F.E. (2 x champion du monde de kickboxing, champion du monde muay thai, champion du monde absolut fight, fondateur de l'urban fight, 25 ans de pratique en sport de combat)

"Mark Stas has a unique kinetic chain, which added to the flow of his movements is creating a very effective fighting method."

Mr M.M. (Sayoc Kali Instructor, Sayoc Training Group Hungary leader, Creator of Self Protection Combatives, FMA combative instructor of the year, 33 years in martial arts training)
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Sifu Mark Stas

With more than 36 years of martial arts training, his passion drove Sifu Mark Stas to create a modern, highly efficient self defence and martial arts concept, loved all over the world. Hall of Famer 2016, 2018, 2019 and discovered in the movie business such as “English Dogs in Bangkok”, “Haphazard”, “Kung Fu Bodyguard” or “Denard3”.

The system

Strong characterised by the multiple attacks and reactions, it creates through the economy of motion and explosive movements, a dynamic and surgical flow of actions. Wing Flow goes from the efficient street defence, which is in perfect line with the law, to training methods which fits highly the combat sports environment and finally goes to the beautiful but practical art of combat.

International Schools

Wing Flow System is spreading out in the world. Here you can find all international schools, which are part of the World Wing Flow System Association, where you can learn and train our art.