Sifu Mark Stas

During his formative teenage years, the young Sifu Mark immersed himself in the world of martial arts, dedicating boundless hours to fervent solitary training within the confines of his room. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Bruce Lee and the captivating realm of anime, he honed his skills and nurtured his passion before eventually enrolling in his very first martial arts class. In 1984, he had the opportunity to formally enroll in his first martial arts course, Karate Shotokan, which he dedicated himself to for several years. Driven by his profound fascination for kicking techniques, he was encouraged to explore Taekwondo, a Korean martial art, and made a seamless transition. His skills flourished, and he achieved notable success in youth competitions, including participation in a World Championship held in Italy. Eventually, he relocated to Germany to pursue an extensive study of Wing Tsun, a Chinese martial art, which spanned many years. This unwavering dedication and boundless passion culminated in the creation of his magnum opus, the Wing Flow System, after more than three decades of relentless martial arts practice.

“He emerged as a trailblazer within the realms of Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do, pioneering the effective utilization of elbows and kicks. He revolutionized the world of Wing Chun with his exceptional coordination, fluidity of movement, and remarkable ability to seamlessly link kicks, knees, punches, and elbows—a rare sight in 2016. “

His exceptional martial skills and precise flow serve as a profound source of inspiration for countless martial artists, captivating their admiration with his unwavering martial mastery and his captivating videos garnered millions of views and were widely shared across social media platforms worldwide.
His performance at the prestigious First Festival dell Budo in Torino, Italy, left not only the organizers astounded but also the audience in awe. His dynamic and explosive movements, coupled with his unique way of moving, left spectators breathless.
His reputation extended far beyond Europe, as he received invitations from various countries across the globe, all eager to benefit from his teachings: Mark’s teaching and skills left a profound impression on practitioners at notable events such as the UK Martial Arts Show 2023 or during seminars in São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Miami, Quebec or Vancouver to name a few.
His martial arts prowess astonished high-level martial artists and talented action actors, including Patrick Kilpatrick, Ron Smoorenburg or Silvio Simac.

  • Hall of Fame – 2023 at the 10th Lisbon HOF: Legend in Martial Arts and Actor of the Year Award
  • Hall of Fame – 2023 at the UK Martial Arts Show: Superstar Award
  • Hall of Fame – 2022: Grand Master of the Year – Wing Flow System
  • Great Masters of Martial Arts (Americas & Europe Special 2022): Special Tribute
  • World’s Martial Arts Got Talent Show 2022: First prize
  • Hall of Fame – 2019: “Capo di Leuca”
    (For the excellent performance in the martial arts movies with your unique method and has managed to be appreciated at world level)
  • Hall of Fame – 2018: “Celebrity Award 2018”
  • Hall of Fame – 2016: “Master Of Self Defense”
  • Nominated as one of the “300 Best Martial Artists in the World” – 2019, 2020.
  • Appeared in the “Who is Who of Martial Arts”.

He earned the moniker of the “Belgian Bruce Lee” as recognized by esteemed sources such as the Belgian TV and newspapers: RTL Info, ‘La Nouvelle Gazette‘,, RTL Info, VivaCité, ‘RTBF-La Une‘, ‘Nieuwsblad‘—a prominent Flemish newspaper, Ring TV to name a few.

Mark Stas is widely regarded as an exceptionally accomplished Wing Chun instructor, celebrated for his unparalleled mastery of coordination and precise body control. His remarkable expertise has positioned him as one of the most revered and inspiring martial artists of our time. Notably, he has gained recognition for his unconventional training methods, including the innovative use of elastics in kicking training, which has served as an inspiration for many aspiring practitioners. Furthermore, his exceptional coaching style has even caught the attention of UFC fighters, further cementing his reputation in the martial arts community.

During his seminar in France, Sifu Mark Stas made a profound impact on the attending instructors of the special forces in Lyon. They recognized the practicality and legality of his self-defense methods, which presented a new and innovative approach they had not encountered before.

At the prestigious Martial Hero Award event, Sifu Mark Stas was bestowed with a remarkable honor. Peter Chin, esteemed as Bruce Lee’s training partner and one of the select few to receive an official certificate from Bruce Lee himself, extended the most heartfelt congratulations to Sifu Mark Stas and his Wing Flow System. This recognition from such a distinguished martial artist is considered among the highest accolades one can receive as a martial artist.


“Wing Flow Founder, Mark Stas, is regarded as one of the best in the world” – UK Martial Arts Show

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