Mark Stas, a multifaceted talent recognized as an award-winning actor, producer, and choreographer (refer to IMDb), had a life-changing encounter with renowned Dutch action actor Ron Smoorenburg. Impressed by Mark’s immense potential, Ron saw an opportunity to collaborate and invited Mark to Thailand, where he had decided to spend three months for personal training. This meeting between Mark and Ron, chronicled in Mark’s biographical award-winning short film ‘At the Edge,’ marked a significant chapter in Mark’s life.

Renowned for his exceptional achievements, Ron Smoorenburg holds the world record for the highest kick and gained fame for his memorable portrayal of the jacket-lifting fighter in the film “Who am I” alongside Jackie Chan. Having featured in over 100 productions alongside esteemed martial arts actors such as Tony Jaa, Donnie Yen, Steven Seagal, Scott Adkins, and Michael Jai White, Ron has established himself as a prominent figure in the industry (see his reel).

Mark could collaborate with accomplished stuntmen, talented actors, and renowned producers such as Daniel Zirilli, Byron Gibson, Dean Alexandrou, Jo Dellas or Alan Delabie, all of whom recognized his potential and eagerly sought to include him in their action-packed movies.

Awards Mark Stas received:
  • Best Choreography-Award of Merit-‘Borrowed Time 3’ (Vegas Movie Award)
  • Best Ensemble-‘Borrowed Time 3’ (Los Angeles Actors Award)
  • Best Fight Choreography-‘Borrowed Time 3’ (New York Int. Film Awards)
  • Multiple Best Actor and Best Producer – ‘At the Edge’
  • Best Opening Credits ( Nice, France) ‘Emerging from the Shadows’
  • Critic’s Choice Award-Best director ( India Gangtok ) ‘Emerging from the Shadows’
  • Best Choreography-Award of Prestige (Vegas Movie Award) – ‘Emerging from the Shadows’
  • Best Actor-Special Jury Award ( India Tamil ) ‘Emerging from the Shadows’
  • Best Action ( Tokyo ) ‘Emerging from the Shadows’
  • Best Action ( Chicago ) ‘Emerging from the Shadows’
  • Best Action ( Los Angeles ) ‘Emerging from the Shadows’

During his visit to Brazil, Mark Stas was approached to collaborate on a special project alongside Brazilian action actor Gutemberg Lins and the esteemed director of Forasteiro Produções, Ernesto Andreghetto. Notably, their first project, “Dona Morte,” received the honor of being selected for the Cannes Festival in 2010.

A special message for the Brazilian director and amazing person, Hunfrey Borges:
“We finalised details for a new movie project, where I would have played one of the leads. Unfortunately his project would never see the daylight, cause he passed away a few weeks after. Your memory will stay a treasure and I know you are loved beyond words, missed beyond measure”


  • “Emerging from the Shadows”: Writer, producer, director, main actor (as Takeda) -2022
  • “Borrowed Time 3“: Fight Choreographer and actor (as Inspector David Chan) -2022
  • “Anathème”: John Range -2019
  • “English Dogs in Bangkok”: Inspector Somchai-2018
  • “Haphazard”: Killer, Sal-Inja-2018
  • “At the Edge“: Writer, producer and actor (as himself) -2018
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“The concepts that the short film shows could well be developed to become a feature film or a television series or mini-series, and seeing the direction it is taking through festivals, I would not be surprised if a producer realizes the potential of Mark Stas, both as an action actor as well as a director, and this step in his promising career, of the fruits that he deserves” – ‘Emerging From The Shadows’ inRonin Cine Asiatico

“There is a sense of poetry to the story which may seem like an odd thing to say about an action picture but Mark Stas voicer over gives an added soulfulness to it” – ‘Emerging From The Shadows’ in “Action Elite
“Ron gets a couple of throw downs with a highlight being him and martial arts speedster Mark Stas going toe to toe” – ‘English Dogs in Bangkok’ in “Action Reloaded
“In ‘English Dogs in Bangkok’ he was able to have the talented Mark Stas as police Inspector Somchai” – “Dan’s Movie Report

“Emerging From The Shadows offers one of a kind cinematic experience, exciting, entertaining and superb in every department” – Jury Comment at the 1st Monthly Film Festival

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