Specialized in a unique self defense concept using the most efficient and logic techniques, it has been developed with great care to be in line with the criminal law.

Wing Flow System evolves from a logic and easy street defense concept into the more refined art of combat: from a simplified ‘street defence system’ with barely four counter techniques to the more complete and brutally efficient no ruled ‘art of combat’ using the whole body to defend and attack.
Sifu Mark Stas has been discovered by some instructors of the French special forces, who were astonished, not only by his mastery but also of the brutally efficiency of his self defense system, which at the same time breaths simplicity in action.

Mr. Mark Stas est l’une des personnes les  plus impressionnante que j’ai pu voir depuis 20 ans que je me forme aux techniques de self défense…La maîtrise technique et physique de Mark STAS est l’une des plus impressionnante que j’ai pu observer. Son système est particulièrement adapté aux réalités de la self défense…Le plus important dans mon cas, est que les techniques enseignées répondent parfaitement aux réalités de mon métier, en prenant en compte les contraintes de mon équipement et mon cadre légal de travail.
(Mr K.N. 
Fonctionnaire de Police Municipale depuis 2003-Garde du Corps depuis 2008-Instructeur LOCKUP depuis 2016)

In Europe there are independent Wing Flow instructors who received the permission to teach his martial art. They are all part of the “World Wing Flow System Association”.

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‘Wing Flow’ could be explained by a start of new horizons (Wing), where the practitioner will learn to flow in a precise action. Through training the body and mind will get in a flow state of mind.
Wing Flow System belongs to the category of martial art where the longevity of practice is stressed: quality over quantity.

With strong self defense skills learned in the core levels, the practitioner evolves into the “art” of combat: one need first to understand that no human masterpiece has ever been created without great labor. There is always room for improvement: art is never ending.

Punching, kicking, elbowing, throwing, tactics and honing defensive skills, the art of combat in Wing Flow System has it all. The economy of motion, a perfect combination of visual and sensitivity reflexes put into innovative training methods makes this brand new concept loved by martial arts instructors, champions and practitioners all over the world. Although Wing Flow is not only very strong in the close quarter combat, we could say that especially the innovative training methods together with a unique vision of martial arts makes Wing Flow System unique.

Understanding how body positioning and physical laws functions is important to improve one’s martial mastery.

Strength development and joint release faculty will be improved and trained through some weapon aids such as the long pole and double knifes.

Three learning phases:

4 BC

Basic Core level

3 IC

Intermediate Core level 

3 AC

Advanced Core level


Superior levels


Flow level

Three colours represent Wing Flow System


Passion, energy and happiness


Optimism, hope


Fierceness and magic