Testimony of Power Lifter and Multiple World Champion, Gil- Le Zozz

“Back from an immersive weekend in the world of a relatively recent Martial Art, the WING FLOW SYSTEM.
And who better for the neophyte that I am than its inventor/developer to instill in me its principles, values, techniques, in short ITS METHOD.
So, let me introduce you, the great, the amazing, the powerful and the nice MAAAAARRRRK STAS !!!!
30 cm separates us, in height, more than 30 kg difference in weight.
But common points, both born in the 70’s, 3 decades of practice in our respective disciplines, scientific knowledge in anatomy and physiology due to our professional backgrounds.

And in that respect, Mark is a physiological monster. A Nervous System as well as a Musculo-Skeletal System trained for years that have reached their quintessence in perfect symbiosis,
a rare efficiency in the art of fighting.

Because driven by his passion Mark has an excellent pedagogy. Everything is explained, deconstructed, analysed, shown, demonstrated, in attack as well as in defence mode, letting us glimpse what happens when everything is mastered to perfection. And what happens is devastating flights of fancy, without choreography, without embellishment, pure efficiency. His unit of time is 1/10 of a second.
Faced with this perfection, the big klutz that I am was able to manage against practitioners of karate, boxing, Thai boxing, Muay Thai, Silat,… all very indulgent and understanding.
All this little world was welcomed by the Wing Flow System Lausanne Academy. The team was reinforced by international instructors, for a flawless organisation.
Unforgettable immersion, unforgettable encounters, I invite you to follow the evolution of the Wing Flow System very closely. It’s going to move”.